Rose Holistic is a small treatment centre, established by Nicola Pike. Offering primarily Bowen Therapy.

The treatment room is  situated at the end of the driveway of Rose Bungalow-that's where the name comes from.  There is ample free parking on site



My previous career was in the engineering industry working as a Project Manager. The work was extremely rewarding but very stressful, desk based and working 40 plus hour weeks. Consequently, I have first hand experience of the neck ache, high blood pressure and the fatigue that comes with modern office life. 

After having my first child, I was looking for a part time role that I could fit around child care. Then it hit me! Why not offer a service that helps people like my old self? I frequently had holistic treatments when I was full time, but I would have to fit appointments around meetings as most therapists were in Bristol and only available Monday - Friday until 5, perhaps 6 at the latest. 

That's why I want Rose Holistic to be different.  Offer appointments that are close to clients homes, at times when they don't have to re-arrange meetings or child care. In so doing, the treatment isn't nullified the second you get back in your car for the aggressive commute home, or dash back to the school gates.

About nicola:

Rose Holistic

Rose Bungalow, Kennmoor Road, Kenn, Clevedon, BS21 6TZ  

Tel: 07742061997