We are very lucky to have the genuinely ace Dominy, at Brighter You,  on our doorstep in Yatton. She specialises in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), but also covers coaching, timeline therapy and loads of other stuff that I personally have no clue about!!! What I do know is that working with Dominy can be truly life changing - I've been treated myself. 
The other option that I've also tried, is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Sarah Matyjasik. Which can be found here. Again, a highly recommended life changing experience.


Recent CPD:

Useful Links

You are what you eat. Nutrition is so important and often under-looked. We have a great resource nearby  - Sarah Matyjasik. She is a font of knowledge on nutrition and can provide coaching to help you reach your goals. She can be found here.

​If nothing else, watch  That Sugar Film and What's With Wheat?

  • Red Flag Training 
  • Art of Bowen Part 1 & 2
  • Fascia Bowen
  • APMT: Pelvis & Lumbar
  • McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
  • CBS: Sports 1 & 2
  • CBS: Shoulder & Pelvic Workshop
  • Bowen College: Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Bowen Seminars: IoS
  • Body Mind Workers: Change your Mind, Change your life
  • Hormone Release - The Bowen Way
  • PASC Balance: Practitioner Assessment Skills Mod 1&2
  • The Olab TMD Core Program: (TMJ) Mod 1&2
  • OldPain2Go
  • Bowen College: Cranio Bowen
  • SafetoMove: Lymphatics
  • APMT: Meridians
  • Fine Tuning the Neck


Neck Gadgets - Gravity Life:

An awesome bit of kit that has helped me. Great for forward head posture. Please read their website - loads of interesting stuff to be found. Use code: roseholistic for a discount at checkout.

Cushions :

​​If you've watched the seat position video in the 'EXERCISE' tab, you'll have seen how I really advocate a gym ball instead of a chair. If you can't get a gym ball into your office set up, this is a great alternative. Likely you'll have seen mine in clinic. You can get yours here.

Barefoot Shoes:

Firstly - watch this video and then this video:

With out any doubt the best discovery I have ever made. You will very rarely see me without them. Has helped my posture no end.
Brands include: Tikki, Groundies (my favourite), Freet, Vivobarefoot, Soft Star, Belenka, Xero, Plae (childrens), Senmotic, Zaqq, Joe Nimble, plus others. Get googling! Not all of these are UK based. However if you look at HappyLittleSoles, they have a good range of the above and are UK based. 

There are some cheap Amazon alternatives, BUT you get what you pay for and they aren't 100% barefoot. However, they are an okay starter shoe - simply type in 'barefoot shoes' into the search engine.

Wallets :
These little wallets are great for the front pocket. They're tiny but fully functional and look traditional (or not if you prefer).


Mental Support


Many clients look for the assurance and guidance of an MRI. In many cases these will be available on the NHS with your GP referral. However waiting times can be lengthy. In some instances, clients may wish to seek a private route. There are a number of scanners in the region, Bristol, Exeter and Taunton to name a few. There is one, operated by Cobalt Health in Cheltenham that a few of my clients have used in the past. They appear to be a little cheaper and the service offered has been excellent. You will need a referral from your GP whichever route you choose.