I ADORE these shoes. With out any doubt the best discovery I have ever made. You will very rarely see me without them. Has helped my posture no end. The highest endorsement I can bestow - my son is now in these and not Clarks. If you're going to buy, message me, I'll send you a 'refer a friend' and you'll usually get a discount in the region of £20-£25.

Penno's Dural Tone Exercise:

Graham Pennington is a bit of famous name in the Bowen world and has quite a following. He's got a lovely back exercise that is designed to mobilise your back. Take a look here:


Rose Holistic


An awesome bit of kit that has helped me. Great for forward head posture. Please read their website - loads of interesting stuff to be found. If you do decide to buy, use code: 'roseholistic' for discount.

Claire Paul :

Healthy body needs a healthy mind. These two go hand in hand. You'll often hear me talk about how the body stores emotion. If you decide to talk to someone...

Rose Bungalow, Kennmoor Road, Kenn, Clevedon, BS21 6TZ  

Tel: 07742061997



We all hope we won't need it and the NHS will cover it if we do. However, waiting times are usually extensive. You can opt to go private. Nuffield Health operate two centres, one at Taunton and the other at Bristol. (Google them) There is also a clinic at Cheltenham, operated by Cobalt health. From experience to date, Cheltenham is a little cheaper and very easy / friendly to deal with. You will need a referral from your GP.

Wallets :

Don't put your wallet in your back pocket! Would you sit with one bum cheek on a cushion?! That's what you're doing. These little wallets are great for the front pocket. They're tiny but fully functional and look traditional (or not if you prefer).

I have included this page  in the manner a friend may make recommendations, over a coffee. The majority of these links are here through personal experience - I have genuinely found this stuff useful for myself or my immediate family. 

They are in no particular order - have a scroll through and you never know, you might find something useful!

However, I cannot take any responsibility for content that you may find on the pages. Please use your own common sense. If you are in any doubt, ask your doctor.