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What is Bowen?
Named after its innovator, Tom Bowen, it is a treatment probably unlike any other. Soft rolling type movements with fingers or thumbs, are performed over precise points dense in receptors. The intent is to challenge the nervous system at a subconscious level, encouraging the body to adjust and/or heal, through fascial release. 
The treatment is interrupted by frequent breaks to allow the body time to process this new information and begin adjusting where necessary. This is a key feature of the Bowen template. 
As a result, it's easier to explain what Bowen doesn't include: hard manipulation, forced adjustments, massage or deep pressure.

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Tel: 07742061997


What does it treat?
Bowen treats the whole person, not a list of symptoms. It is a holistic treatment. However, there are long lists of dis - ease where this work has given benefit:

~back and neck pain                             ~frozen shoulder
~tennis elbow                                          ~sports injuries
~hamstring strain                                   ~IBS
~Migraines / headache patterns       ~Sciatica
~Knee / Ankle issues                             ~RSI
~Stress                                                       ~Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

​~Jaw and mouth pain including hayfever

The list goes on...

What can I expect?
Appointment slots are an hour. This includes consultation and treatment. 
Treatments can be performed through light clothing - t-shirt and leggings / shorts / jogging bottoms are ideal. 
Most clients when new to Bowen benefit from an initial 3 sessions, a week apart. However, everyone is different. We all respond uniquely to the treatment. For some, when their initial reason for coming has eased/gone, they like to continue with weekly appointments. For others, a maintenance schedule of anything from monthly to 6 monthly, is better suited. Each treatment is as unique as you.

Who can it help?
Everyone. From newborns to the elderly and everyone in between.

What Data do you need?

Data is taken very seriously at Rose Holistic. Please see the Data Policy